Friday, April 29, 2011

Learning to See - Pt. 2

Following up my earlier post, here are some examples of the light /dark pattern being used in drawings and paintings. I should say that there is one simple rule to follow to make sure your pattern holds together. It is this: NOTHING in the light can be as dark as anything in the dark. Conversely, NOTHING in the dark can be as light as anything in the light. At the beginning stage this idea is exaggerated so the pattern is extremely clear.

Here are 2 pages from the Charles Bargue book (link to the book on the right.) On the left, a simple foundation drawing with the light and dark pattern clearly defined. At this stage it isn't about the detail, but accurate placement using simple shapes with the light/dark pattern clearly defined. On the right, the light and dark pattern has been filled in and the shapes have been refined. Treatment of edges has also been started.

This drawing is more finished but the pattern is still clear.

In these paintings by David Leffel who seems to favor strong chiaroscuro lighting, the light/dark pattern is very evident.

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